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We no longer offer acupuncture. We may integrate cupping into your massage and bodywork session on request. Read more below.

Used only with your permission and David feels you might benefit from them. He may offer during the session or you may ask for them prior to your session. 

Draw out stress and tension...

Until more recently, fire cupping was mostly known and performed by Acupuncturists who use it in their practices. With its growing popularity, there are many other types of practitioners who use it as part of the therapies they offer. 

Fire cupping is very good a drawing up toxins from the deeper layers of the body. This helps the client get the needed relief from the build up and "stuck" tension that often gets trapped in the upper back, neck and shoulders. 


David got certified in Cupping about 5 years ago. When called for, he uses Fire Cupping on the upper back with his clients. This type of therapy is well known for leaving marks on the clients skin. Sometimes the marks can be very dark and look like bruising.


For this reason, David makes sure he gets your permission before using the cups on you. More often than not you must ask for the cupping therapy before your session. It can be somewhat intense and is not for everybody.     

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