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The Balance Point Massage Methodology


Balance Point Massage Therapy Clinic became Balance Point Massage and Bodywork back in 2010 as David branded his own "Signature Massage".


Evolution of the Balance Point Massage

When Balance Point originally opened back in 2003 we were called Balance Point Massage Therapy Clinic. We only provided massage services and specifically marketed our Signature Massage. The name was given with the understanding that each San Diego Massage Therapist who worked with us integrated their different styles and techniques combined with their own unique energy. This is what gave each San Diego Massage Therapist their own "Signature" on their massage.

Therefore, to more specific as it relates to you, a Signature Massage is an integrative method of massage tailored specifically to address your needs. Combining different styles of massage to get the best results, our therapists integrated their skill and intuition to help you feel better.

Our signature massage follows a holistic model in which we treat the individual as a whole. We also understand that the whole has its individual parts. Utilizing this understanding we take an intuitive approach to San Diego massage and rather than giving you a "Deep Tissue Massage" , "Sports Massage", or Relaxing Massage" which has a particular routine that one may have learned at school, we blend the styles together. So, in essence, you may receive all three styles but in different areas of your body or all together blended.

By integrating different styles into one unique blend, you will receive a more thorough, therapeutic massage tailored specifically for you. This unique approach was developed with the intent of cultivating inner peace and promoting your bodies’ natural tendency towards health and well-being. Most importantly to get you the best results.

Back in 2010, recognizing my own unique combination of deep tissue massage San Diego, Trigger Point Therapy San Diego, and Sports Massage San Diego, I branded the Balance Point Massage by David. Basically, it was my "Signature Massage". To this day, with excellent results received by my clients I continue the tradition of offering the Balance Point Massage. 

Over the years, through the many downturns in the economy and lastly with Covid, Balance Point has downsized to just David the original founder. No longer contracting with other massage therapists David continues to offer his work to his regular clients as well as accepting new clients.  

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