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Balance Point Massage by David

Specifically geared for the discerning person or athlete. David integrates Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue Sculpting, Sports Massage and Trigger Point Therapy when necessary. Utilizing his background in Martial Arts, David is able to locate all the right spots including trigger points in the body and deliver a very effective massage tailored to your specific needs.  This massage, which is more akin to bodywork, will allow you to feel completely rejuvenated, restored and in perfect balance. An Ideal choice for your weekly or monthly tune up to flush the body and prepare you for optimum performance. Depending on your particular needs you can choose the amount of time you desire to address any areas of your body.


David is very good at listening to your needs and spending the time necessary to make sure you get the results you are looking for. He is very comfortable working on specific areas of the body that need attention for any amount of time that is required to create a positive shift in the soft tissues. For example, it will be perfectly ok with David if you would like him to spend the entire session working on your neck and shoulders or just having your lower body worked on for the duration of the session. Unlike many massage therapists, David actually listens to you and delivers what you want and need.

*New Clients Only. Return and Regular clients receive $10 - $20 off future sessions. It is my way of rewarding you for taking care of yourself!
Specific styles of massage and bodywork incorporated into your sessions

After years of experience working with all types of individuals David found that he got the most and best results utilizing Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage and Trigger Point Therapy. He uses the Swedish Massage to warm up and blend in the different styles so that it flows together. David will throw in a Hot Stone as a way to polish off his work and in some cases as needed, upon your approval, he may use fire cupping on your back to draw out built up tension. 

Below our more detailed descriptions of each style or techniques for those interested in learning more about the particulars.


Deep tissue massage gets to the deeper layers of your muscles where tension tends to build. By working the bellies of the muscles with more pressure you will get more relief.


Principles and techniques used for professional athletes brings you massage therapy that gets results by helping with injury rehabilitation, prevention and optimum performance.


Trigger Point Therapy is excellent for getting immediate and long term relief from headaches, referred pain and releasing built up tension. Highly effective by hitting all the right spots.


Swedish massage, also known as parasympathetic massage, is excellent for warming up the soft tissue, relaxing the nervous system and smoothing out muscles which have been worked out.


Hot stones are a complementary therapy. Applied to the areas of concern, they bring warm heat and added pressure. They aid in "melting"  away tension and a cozy feeling. 


When necessary, the use of fire cupping when permitted by the client, helps to pull both deep physical and energetic tension to the surface of the body for release.

Massage vs. Bodywork

The first reason, as massage therapists who do therapeutic "massages", we don't often say that we are bodyworkers because most people will think we work on cars. Imagine that we have a conversation and you ask me what I do. I tell you that I do bodywork. I'm pretty sure you will think that I work on cars. So of course, I just tell you I am a massage therapist. It is easier for you to understand and you won't be embarrassed should you ask what kind of cars I work on. 


Also, these days, many massage therapists only give "spa" or what we often call "foo foo massages". Of course, they wouldn't consider themselves bodyworkers as those of us who do more therapeutic work. This is not to say that the "foo foo massages" are not therapeutic to some degree. However, the overall effects of this type of massage are short lived. 

The main difference between "massage" and "bodywork" is the level of quality and ultimately, the results you will achieve. Most people get massages to relax and of course relieve stress. The Swedish massage is geared toward this outcome as it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxing the body. Relieving the stress by taking it from a "fight or flight" response to the "rest and digest" mode of being. Any good massage ought to create a "shift" in the body which in turn causes a shift in the mind and your mood. You feel better!


The effects of a Swedish massage only last a few days at best whereas Deep Tissue Massage, which is a form of bodywork, is more effective at creating more long term effects. This is because we get deeper into the muscles and release stored tension that has accumulated over time. Of course, as you may already know, massage therapists vary in their ability to deliver the amount of pressure needed to elicit the desired response. I use Swedish Massage techniques to help warm up the muscles, blend the other bodywork in so there is a flow to the session, and smooth out the muscles that were worked.

Many massage therapists say they offer Deep Tissue Massage but fail to meet your expectations. That aside, other types of body therapies such as Trigger Point Therapy, Rolfing, Reiki, Sports Massage in large part, are all forms of bodywork. These days there to many "styles" of massage to mention that are available. Most of them are in the class of bodywork. The quality of which is dependent of the skill of the massage therapist. The reason they are considered styles of bodywork is because we "work" with you in a therapeutic manner to achieve different goals. When effective the results are longer lasting. Sometimes even getting rid of pain or discomfort, that you may have had for many years, all together.

Many of my clients report that they feel like they got a work out after a session. This is because they did. We did some bodywork. They may even feel a little sore from the work we did but mostly they report that they feel better and not only that, after the soreness goes away, in a few days they feel even better. They usually feel better for weeks after if not months. It all depends on what we accomplished during the session. 

I mostly reference my work as bodywork is because many of the "moves" or "strokes" etc. are more techniques and methods which are based on principles to elicit the desired response. For example, I integrate Sport Massage Techniques into the session to help you and your bodies ability to rest and recover. Many of the strokes are intentionally directed in one direction. It is most noticeable when working the lower extremities (legs). I intentionally sculpt the muscles in an upward direction toward the heart and lymph nodes located in the inguinal area (internal hip). This pushes lactic acid up to these areas where they can be expelled from the body. 

Guess what, if you couldn't tell from the last few sentences I used, most bodyworkers (massage therapists who specialize in therapeutic work) are more knowledgeable about the body. This includes knowing anatomy and physiology. Besides the results that we provide, this is clearly the main distinction that sets us apart from the typical massage therapist. This is also why when you pay us a visit you are not just getting a "massage" you are making an investment in yourself. Money well spent. Of course, the results should speak for themselves in how you feel and how you are able to perform. 

Rest assured, you will be very happy you chose Balance Point Massage and Bodywork for your next "Deep Tissue Massage". I personally guarantee my work. If you are not satisfied I only ask you pay me the average price of a massage you might get elsewhere. This does not mean those Asian places who do substandard work. I mean legitimate massage establishments. So this would equate, on the low end, to $80 for an hour of my work. I don't know anyone who offers such a guarantee. So with that, if you are still undecided, you literally have got nothing to lose but rather everything to gain. Come on in and I am absolute certain you will not be disappointed like you may have the last time you got a massage elsewhere.

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