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"In my two decades competing as a champion distance runner, I have never experienced more talented or effective massage therapists then the team at Balance Point Massage and Bodywork! I am 40 years old now, and because of the incredible massage I am receiving from Balance Point, I am not only dominating my competition, I am winning races overall again! Balance Point's therapeutic approach to massage allows me to train harder, recover faster, and race at a superior level not possible without their care. I would recommend Balance Point Massage and Bodywork to everyone serious about their athletic performance, or if they just want to experience unparalleled relaxation, physical balance, and well-being."

James S., Running Coach, Elite Athlete, San Diego

"I met David when he was our massage therapist for the Team in Training marathoners. He's a fantastic therapist.  He listens well and can really find the source of pain.  When I suffered with IT band problems, he was able to find the muscle problem that caused the issue - which wasn't in my IT band at all. He's not afraid to use deep tissue work, but adjusts his technique to your comfort.  I've been to several massage places locally, and David at Balance Point is absolutely the best."

Christine B., San Diego

"David is the best massage therapist I have ever had. He somehow knows JUST the right spots to work on. I used to get severe headaches every week and now I can't remember the last time I got one. My jaw pain and neck pain are gone. It has been life changing. I go in for regular tune ups and I am so grateful!!!"

Johanna L., San Diego

"Balance Point Massage and Bodywork. Truly a place for relaxation and recharging your body. David truly knows how to put you in a state of comfort and relaxation. Everybody needs that and if you never tried this place it's a must. I've been to many places and well traveled. Balance point is still my favorite place!

Worth every penny spent!"

Rich E., Phoenix

“I went in for an hour-long massage recently and I left feeling my body was functioning more smoothly, like a guitar that was playing in tune for the first time in many years; my muscles were more relaxed, I was breathing more easily and most of all I felt profoundly grateful for the experience. From the ground up, Balance Point Massage has integrated the best aspects of massage to offer a solution that puts body, mind and spirit into perfect balance.”

Mae S., Vision Magazine

"David did an excellent job of addressing the areas of my concern. Not only did he take care of my specific areas but he also was able to massage the rest of my body giving me a thorough and relaxing experience. Thanks David!"

Wendy P., San Diego

"David is a great massage therapist. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed and tailored the massage to my specific needs."

Emily H., San Diego

"I just moved to San Diego and was happy to find a massage therapist that I liked on the first attempt. David just "gets it". He understood the pain I was feeling and was able to pinpoint the areas of concern immediately."

Melina S., San Diego

"I was left in a blissful state for hours after my session. I haven't felt so relaxed in a long time! David is truly a master at his art."

Jack P., San Diego

"I was feeling stressed and tense. David did a great job at listening to me and to my body. He is very confident and competent. I slept especially well that night which is exactly what I needed."

Chena T., Cheyenne, WY

"It was one of the best massages I have received. I liked how David focused on my sports injury. I really felt like the healing process was already starting by the time I left. Thanks!"


Christina H., San Diego

"Before the massage I was in a lot of pain to the point that it was disrupting my sleep. During the massage while David was getting the knots out it was a little uncomfortable but well worth it. I felt wonderful and was able to sleep again. Thanks David!"

Katrina R., San Diego

"I finally found the place I will be getting my massages. By far the best massage I have ever received. Thank you David!

Lori T., Imperial Beach

"I was in a lot of pain when I found Balance Point. The massage was the best! The pressure was just enough to address my issues without making me feel uncomfortable. I was experiencing some bad knee pain and since the massage my shoulders aren't tense, I am sleeping well and my knee is not bothering me anymore. David made me feel 100% again. I highly recommend David and Balance Point."

Natalie S., San Diego

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