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Spiritual Life Coaching with David



Over the years many clients have had a taste of principles, philosophy and spiritual insight during massage and bodywork sessions. Some were welcome, while others were not sure how this knowledge and insight might be able to help them in improving the quality of their lives. Those individuals who welcomed the insight were quite grateful and shared their enthusiasm by stating that they felt they not only received a great massage for their body but that their minds had been massaged as well. In essence, it was that their minds had been expanded and opened up to more possibilities which allowed them to have a different perspective thereby leading to potential outcomes for their lives that they may not have otherwise imagined or entertained. 

By opening our minds and cultivating our ability to take on a different perspective we can often understand more deeply and then create the opportunity to make different and perhaps better choices about what we believe and ultimately how we are relating to ourselves and the world around us. This relationship is the key to improving the quality of our lives in such a way that can help us manage, cope and effectively move through our lives with less stress and achieve more than we ever might have imagined. 

Recognizing spirituality over religious dogma during the course of my life and having been fortunate to have great teachers, It has come to my understanding that in order to achieve a truly fulfilling life it is essential that a person acknowledge and integrate the spiritual aspect of their lives. Whether you realize it or not, your spirit needs nourishment just like your body and your mind.   

As we mature this aspect becomes more important in order to facilitate your body mind connection and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When your mind and your spirit are whole you and your body will ultimately feel better. Your mind is the bridge between the body and the spirit. However, in order to bridge this gap we need to have a better understanding of your spirit and what it means to bring a more spiritual outlook into ones life. Through your newly acquired understanding you will be able to improve your life by knowing how to nurture your soul by feeding your spirit.

What does Spiritual Life Coaching accomplish?

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