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Deep Tissue Massage - The main course


Deep Tissue therapy is the main component to a Balance Point Massage by David. Its the deep work that most clients are looking for to help them effectively release stress and tension in the body.

Get in and work it out...

There are many forms of Deep Tissue Massage in San Diego. David likes to call his style Deep Tissue Sculpting. Unlike many therapeutic massage therapists in San Diego who focus on more structural work which is considered a form of deep massage therapy, David focuses on the bellies of the muscles where tension builds. 


He sculpts your body using your bones only as landmarks to guide him. Releasing the deeper tension by applying enough pressure that "hurts good" and when done, feels great. The deep tissue work is done with various strokes, kneading, compression and occasionally friction.  Deep tissue sculpting with David is intended to address the deeper layers of the muscles and provide relief where there may be built up tension or muscle pain. 

He has found that deep tissue massage therapy san diego is most effective for most kinds of issues people deal with. In addition, it helps with restoring and repairing soft tissue injuries to the muscles. The massage can be a bit painful (breaking up of scar tissues etc.) but is not always discomforting. Most of my clients appreciate the "hurt good" because they know they are getting the therapy that is going to make a difference. 

It is kind of a love/hate relationship but one they know works!

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