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Hot Stone Therapy - A few thrown in for good measure


David sometimes uses Hot Stones in your sessions to help smooth out areas that have already been worked. The stones are an added bonus and clients love them.

Melt your tensions away...

Hot Stones are excellent tools to help melt stress and tension away. In a typical Hot Stone Massage the massage therapist begins with "placement" of the Stones on the body. Usually large stones are placed on the back. The stones are allowed to stay there for awhile to warm up the muscles and relax the body. 

Depending on the therapist, they will often use smaller stones to glide over the other areas of the body while the larger stones are in place. During the session, the placed stones are moved around the other areas of the body. The main emphasis is using the stones where ever possible and use of manual therapy is also incorporated for the areas that stones are not as feasible. This type of massage is mostly found in Spas throughout the world. 


Although David was taught these methods, he chooses to use the stones more sparingly with an emphasis on manual therapy (use of the hands) during the session. David uses the stones to smooth out or polish the areas of the body that have already been massaged.

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