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Sports Massage - Methods often used in your session


David integrates the philosophies and techniques that Sports Massage brings to the table. The emphasis is on assisting the body recover and therefore allow it to perform at its best. David has years of experience dealing with all types of sports injuries. 

Optimize your performance...

There are many benefits that sports massage methods and techniques offer you. The most important of these is to help your rest and recovery which in turn helps improve performance. In addition, most San Diego massage therapists who specialize in sports massage San Diego will have more knowledge of the body as well as how to address common injuries that those in sports encounter.


This benefit translates to those of us who are athletic or simply wish to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether we play a sport competitively or just for recreational purposes we all want to be at our best and most importantly prevent injury.


More than a "style", sports massage consists mostly of specific techniques and principles. I use particular strokes such as stripping and kneading, these massage techniques are focused on cleaning the body of lactic acid by increasing circulation and moving it towards the heart. Fluid motions provide an invigorating san diego sports massage that helps improve your bodies recovery rate as well as improve performance and prevent future injury. 

Please read my article under the knowledge tab to learn more about rest, recovery, optimal performance and injury prevention.

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