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Swedish Massage - Blends styles and techniques together


Swedish massage strokes are used in your sessions with David to warm up the muscles, blend together the other massage styles and smooth it all out for a polished finish.

Go with the flow...

Swedish massage San Diego uses light to firm pressure to increase circulation with long fluid strokes, kneading motions or friction. Using oil to make movement of the massage therapists hands more fluid and smoother, it is generally the most gentle and promotes relaxation and release of tension in the surface muscles.

With David, the Swedish massage style is mostly used to warm up the soft tissues and prepare the muscle for deeper work. In addition, the Swedish massage techniques are used to integrate the different styles of bodywork so that you experience a flowing massage that you expect. The strokes are also used to polish or finish out the massage to create a smooth and relaxing finish. 

Another important aspect of the Swedish style is the way it addresses the parasympathetic nervous system. It is for this reason, you feel so relaxed when getting a good massage. Remember, David never gives a full body Swedish Massage. He always integrates the strokes and principles to allow you to get the best of both worlds. That is both therapeutic and relaxing. In his opinion, what a massage ought to be.

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