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Trigger Point Therapy - Integrated as needed for pain relief


David will integrate Trigger Point Therapy in your Balance Point Massage as necessary to help relieve localized or referred muscular pain. This technique is very effective and helps get more long term results.

Get to the Point...

Trigger points are sensitive areas in the muscle tissues that cause pain either in the localized area or referred pain to other areas of the body. Trigger point work uses pressure to to deactivate or reduce the pain and help alleviate the pain caused by it. Done correctly, the massage therapist will incorporate a style of breathing that elicits the release of the myofascial tissue surrounding the muscle.

Trigger point therapy san diego is excellent for relieving pain associated with headaches. The most important aspect to providing effective therapy is the ability to locate the points and spend the time necessary and provide the necessary level of pressure to get the long term relief desired. 

Tigger point therapy san diego is not really a style of massage but more along the lines of bodywork. This work is very specialized and is more a technique rather than a style. The method your san diego massage therapist utilizes when they provide this type of therapy should incorporate breath work to facilitate the greatest release. 

I find that the breath work makes a dramatic difference in the results the client experiences with the work. Most importantly is when it is used for headache relief. Not to mention, there is often "hidden" trigger points located in the SCM which many therapists, unless properly educated, miss. When dealing with headaches, I always check this area of the neck to make sure get results. 

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