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Why get a massage on a regular basis

Reframing the way we think about massage...

When most people think about getting a massage they think of it as something they can treat themselves to or get when they are on vacation to pamper themselves. More woman then men get massages due to this common perception. Of course there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself or getting a massage when you are on vacation however most of us haven't given much thought to the idea of getting a massage in our daily lives. We don't even consider that we ought to get a massage on a regular basis let alone think that we can. It is always reserved for when we can afford it, or I deserve it. Obviously, these are important factors but if we reframe the way we think about massage perhaps we will be able to make it fit into our lives more regularly.

Do you own a car?

If so, you probably know that in order to get the most from your vehicle you need to keep up regular maintenance on your car. In addition, by taking regular care of your car you will help its performance as well as reduce the likelihood of breaking down. Maintenance includes getting your oil changed, a tune up, tires rotated and balanced etc. Face it. No one wants to drive a poor running vehicle and especially one that may break down at any given time.

Our bodies are just like cars. They get us around and we put a lot of miles on them. In fact, they do much more then a car does. However just like our cars, our bodies need regular maintenance to maintain its performance and most importantly to avoid breaking down. Massage is like giving our bodies a regular oil change and tune up. By specifically helping to break up and remove built up toxins in the body, increasing blood circulation and allowing yourself an opportunity to relax, a good massage is the best thing we can do to help our body and mind to restore itself.


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