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Release Tension

The best massage and bodywork available for reducing stress and releasing tension. A wise investment and the best money you will ever spend. Your body, mind and spirit will be forever grateful!  

Relieve Pain

Whether its relief from an injury, tight achy muscles, headaches, backache, shoulder, arm or leg pain, you will get the relief you want and need to get you back in action. Why keep suffering when you can feel better! 

Optimize  Performance

Massage and bodywork for the discerning athlete, weekend warrior, or the healthy, active individual. No matter who you are or what you do, you deserve the best massage so you can be at your absolute best!

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Taking care of your body, mind and spirit since 2003!

Highly Rated
Guaranteed Results

We are highly rated by people like you who value the level of service we provide. We are highly ranked in Google and Yelp. Check out our reviews!

San Diego's
Award Winning
Massage and Bodywork

We were voted San Diego's Best Massage in 2010 by are valued clients in the Union Tribune/ 

Best of San Diego yearly contest.

Experienced and Knowledgeable

With over 18 years experience serving the San Diego area, we have been helping healthy active people get the desired the results they want and need!

Balance Point Massage by David

Specifically geared for the discerning person or athlete. David integrates Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue Sculpting, Sports Massage and Trigger Point Therapy when necessary. Utilizing his background in Martial Arts, David is able to locate all the right spots including trigger points in the body and deliver a very effective massage tailored to your specific needs.  This massage, which is more akin to bodywork, will allow you to feel completely rejuvenated, restored and in perfect balance. An Ideal choice for your weekly or monthly tune up to flush the body and prepare you for optimum performance. Depending on your particular needs you can choose the amount of time you desire to address any areas of your body.


David is very good at listening to your needs and spending the time necessary to make sure you get the results you are looking for. He is very comfortable working on specific areas of the body that need attention for any amount of time that is required to create a positive shift in the soft tissues. For example, it will be perfectly ok with David if you would like him to spend the entire session working on your neck and shoulders or just having your lower body worked on for the duration of the session. Unlike many massage therapists, David actually listens to you and delivers what you want and need.


"I personally guarantee

that you will be completely satisfied with the results and feel much better after your session!" - David

David integrates skill and intuition to give you the
best massage and bodywork you may ever experience!

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I'm looking forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Whether it is pain relief, stress reduction or optimizing your performance

Balance Point Massage and Bodywork is guaranteed to help you feel better! 


"In my two decades competing as a champion distance runner, I have never experienced more talented or effective massage therapists then the team at Balance Point Massage and Bodywork! I am 40 years old now, and because of the incredible massage I am receiving from Balance Point, I am not only dominating my competition, I am winning races overall again! Balance Point's therapeutic approach to massage allows me to train harder, recover faster, and race at a superior level not possible without their care. I would recommend Balance Point Massage and Bodywork to everyone serious about their athletic performance, or if they just want to experience unparalleled relaxation, physical balance, and well-being."

James S., Running Coach, Elite Athlete, San Diego

"I met David when he was our massage therapist for the Team in Training marathoners. He's a fantastic therapist.  He listens well and can really find the source of pain.  When I suffered with IT band problems, he was able to find the muscle problem that caused the issue - which wasn't in my IT band at all. He's not afraid to use deep tissue work, but adjusts his technique to your comfort.  I've been to several massage places locally, and David at Balance Point is absolutely the best."

Christine B., San Diego

"David is the best massage therapist I have ever had. He somehow knows JUST the right spots to work on. I used to get severe headaches every week and now I can't remember the last time I got one. My jaw pain and neck pain are gone. It has been life changing. I go in for regular tune ups and I am so grateful!!!"

Johanna L., San Diego

"Balance Point Massage and Bodywork. Truly a place for relaxation and recharging your body. David truly knows how to put you in a state of comfort and relaxation. Everybody needs that and if you never tried this place it's a must. I've been to many places and well traveled. Balance point is still my favorite place!

Worth every penny spent!"

Rich E., Phoenix

“I went in for an hour-long massage recently and I left feeling my body was functioning more smoothly, like a guitar that was playing in tune for the first time in many years; my muscles were more relaxed, I was breathing more easily and most of all I felt profoundly grateful for the experience. From the ground up, Balance Point Massage has integrated the best aspects of massage to offer a solution that puts body, mind and spirit into perfect balance.”

Mae S., Vision Magazine

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Tailored Treatment

With years of experience and knowledge I can usually help you treat most issues and conditions. I have had good results treating the following conditions: Headache, Rotator Cuff or Shoulder Injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatic Symptoms or Piriformis Syndrome, IT Band Syndrome, Shin Splints and Plantar Fascitis. Of course, results vary for each individual depending on many factors. In addition, I will often refer or recommend structural, biomechanical and/or neurological care based in functional testing to help aid you in your recovery. As a soft tissue (muscle) expert we can achieve some good results together while addressing your issues. The goal is to get you back in the game (sport and life) and functioning at your optimum level so you can be the best you can be!

Head and Neck Pain

Headache and neck relief using trigger point therapy targeting the traps, levator scapula, and SCM. 

Hip and Low Back Pain

Address the gluts, QL (quadratus lumborum, hamstrings and when necessary the psoas.

Shoulder and Back Pain

Focus on specific muscle groups (rotator cuff, traps, rhumboids) that can cause pain and discomfort.

Leg and Foot Pain

Work the gluts, hamstrings, calf muscles, qauds and my favorite anterior tibialis.

Arms and Hands

Precise attention to triceps, biceps, flexors, extensors, and palm for pain relief and prevention.

Specific Conditions

Target and release tight muscles, break up scar tissue, and clean up the muscles for faster healing. 

Relief is just a click away...


The following are articles/blogs written by David based on his expertise, knowledge and experience. I hope you enjoy and understand them in a way that helps you get the most benefits!

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